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The City Produced: Urban Development, Violence and Spatial Justice in Mumbai

The study examines the socio-spatial transformations in the country's commercial capital at multiple scales. At the macro-level it examines the role of planning and policy-making in shaping the city. At the micro level, it focuses on narratives of place-making, resistance, agency and negotiations to trace the changing trajectories of poverty, inequality, violence, and peace in the metropolis.


Private Ventures, State Violence and Community Resources in Rio de Janeiro

This work is dedicated to understanding the violence and insecurity resulting from institutional action as well as identifying lessons for the promotion of social peace and justice from community responses to mitigate violence and insecurity.


Durban: Between Apartheid and Neoliberalism, and its Discontents

The project studies the playing out of spatial (in)justice and the place of violence within the processes of socio-spatial transformations engineered by an alliance of state and market forces in Durban.


People, Places and Infrastructure: Countering Urban Violence and Promoting Social Justice in Mumbai, Durban & Rio De Janeiro

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), University of KwaZulu (Durban) and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro)

Right to the City as the Basis for Housing Rights Advocacy in Contemporary India

The project seeks to build a knowledge base to support groups working on issues of urban poor and contribute to clarifying contested policy debates on realising the right to the city.


Impact of Infrastructure and Governance Transformations of JNNURM in Small, Medium & Large Cities

This four-state research project reviewed the extent and nature of the impact of JNNURM and its Sub-Missions in Maharashtra, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu and Odisha. It resulted in eight city case studies that aimed at understanding the effects of these transformations on urban local bodies (ULB) as well as actual service outcomes for citizen groups, particularly urban poor groups.


Analysis of Community Participation Law

The paper attempted to generate a wider debate on Community Participation Law, especially around the issues of Ward Committees and Area Sabhas.


UIRF I: Laying the Foundations Project

This study was initiated to enhance the influence of citizens on urban reforms by providing relevant knowledge support to local academic institutions and civil society organisations in small and medium towns.


UIRF II: Building on the Foundations

The second phase of the project focused on critical issues in housing, water, planning and governance. A consultative and participative approach was maintained through UIRF II as well.


Situational Analysis of Proper Governance in Bangalore, Pune & Nagpur

The report is an effort to use participatory methodology to understand the phenomenon of urban poverty through a comparative analysis of Pune, Nagpur and Bangalore.


Urban Policy and Programmes in India -- A People-Centred Performance Review

This project reviewed a range of literature on JNNURM in collaboration with other civil society organisations. This was followed by a workshop held to discuss civil society inputs.


Engendering the Mumbai Suburban Railway Network Study for Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC)

This study seeks to understand the specific needs and issues of women commuters across the three railway lines in Mumbai (Western, Central, Harbour) with respect to mobility, accessibility and opportunities.


Colonising the Slum: Changing Trajectories of State–Market Violence in Mumbai

Significant continuities and shifts in the forms and instruments of violence have taken place since the 1990s when changes were brought about in land markets of Mumbai. This paper views the impact of these shifts.


Transforming M Ward : Leveraging Knowledge for Social Transformation

The project links students and faculty to key intervention areas, to bring about sustainable transformations in M-East ward, one of the poorest areas in the city.

Hamara Shehar Vikas Niyojan (Our City Development Plan Campaign, Mumbai)

The Centre is engaged in peoples' consultations around the Mumbai Development Plan (2013-34) in collaboration with a network of citizen and activist groups.


Joint Studio on Eastern Waterfront Development

Students engaged in field-based research on the development of the Eastern Waterfront in collaboration with URBZ, an organisation committed to the idea of user-generated cities.


Report of People’s Commission on Irregularities in SRA in Mumbai

The People’s Commission was appointed to pay attention to local concerns regarding slum rehabilitation. This report is a product of the review of six such slum rehabilitation sites.