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Master's In Urban Policy & Governance

The two-year Master's in Urban Policy and Governance combines perspectives and insights from a range of disciplines to enable students to re-imagine the urban, especially in the context of the globalising present. The programme aims to equip its graduates to intervene effectively on urban habitat issues through their work in public, private and civil society organisations.

Right from the origins and foundations, to the development and implementation of public policy related to small and big cities and towns, students engage critically with government policies, laws and actions, as well as the diverse social, economic, political and cultural factors that shape their formulation and implementation.

The programme uses the concept of ‘habitat’ to frame a broader understanding of the urban as a human settlement system. Accordingly, students understand the natural and built environment as well as the economic, social and cultural processes, structures and institutions that shape the lived experiences of people. There is an emphasis on building a guiding perspective that is democratic, equitable, socially just, culturally sensitive and technically sound.

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