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‘Digital Labour Platforms: tracing technological shifts in the informal economy’ with Aditi Surie

Date: Nov 29th, 2019
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Venue: Naoroji Campus, TISS

Aditi Surie is a sociologist by training and Consultant – Academics & Research, IIHS. Her talk provided an overview of the research Surie has been conducting on digital labour platforms in Bengaluru, India. Platform work like Uber, Swiggy are closely associated with the future of work inspired by innovative technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

To move towards understanding the Indian future of work, the role of the worker will be forefronted – rather than just the technology – to question the relevance of existing frameworks of employment (formal-informal) and the subsequent notions of security (legal employment rights), welfare and worker benefits or the underlying temporalities of labor-market decision making, strategies of income management, precarity and vulnerability.