Research at the Centre contributes to theory and informing policy in ways that challenge conventional knowledge (North-South; Global South, South Asia, India). Our research is multidisciplinary, critical and collaborative. The key focus is on areas that are substantively or geographically identified as understudied such as urban reforms and small towns. Our research focuses on practice as well as understanding linkages with larger structures and processes. Through our critical but engaged stance of policy analysis we hope to shape the policy arena discursively and engage with policy makers in the urban. Our participatory research is focused on advocacy and democratisation of knowledge.


Over the years, the Centre has undertaken research projects across various geographical sites – from the local, to national, and international – to study changing trajectories of urbanisation and its impact on the marginalised and vulnerable.

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Project Reports

Our publications include reports written in collaboration with government bodies, published works by members of faculty, and documents produced through our research.

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The Centre works with academics, activists, planners from the government, non-government, civic, and private organisations to produce knowledge about the urban that is diverse, inclusive, and accessible.

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