Urban Studio

The Urban Studio seeks to provide students with a hands-on experience in conducting field work, developing research ideas, and producing academic writing. With its principal focus on skill-building such as mapping, framing research questions, teamwork, report writing and presentations, the Urban Studio helps build critical thinking and conceptual and analytical skills. It is through this space that students explore the nooks and corners of the city, its various neighborhoods and engage with local communities.

Urban Studio (2014-2016) Streets in Govandi Station Road, M-East Ward

Students looked at how the presence and/or absence of different governance mechanisms shape the street by analysing street infrastructure, presence of intermediary public transport systems and stakeholder arrangements.

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Urban Studio (2013-2015) Schools in Cheetah Camp, M-East Ward

This study looks at how the the combination of/dynamics between the components of the education system (students, teachers, educationists, policy-makers) and external factors shapes the aspirations of the people within the community.

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Urban Studio (2012-2014) Open Spaces in Shivaji Nagar, M-East Ward

Shivaji Nagar, an area in M-East Ward has a scarce presence of “conventional open spaces” and the existing open spaces are in poor condition. In such a scenario, how do residents make best use of the available spaces

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