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Boundary Spanning and Intermediation for Urban Regeneration: Comparative Case Studies from Three Indian Cities

Year : 2017-2018

Funded By : Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR)
Team : Dr. Dr. Amita Bhide, Dr. Dr. Lalitha Kamath (TISS, Mumbai) Mukta Naik, Eesha Kunduri (Centre for Policy Research, Delhi) Dr. Karen Coelho (Madras Institute of Social Sciences, Chennai)

All urban reform missions, programs and policy statements drawn up at the national level since the turn of the century have officially recognised and emphasised the importance of participatory, consultative and/or community-based actions in bringing about successful urban regeneration. This study will examine the roles, skills, capacities, conditions, and contexts under which boundary-spanning for effective and sustainable coproduction of urban regeneration can occur. Furthermore, it examines sets of actors that operate across boundaries of various institutions and the processes and trajectories of change they engender.

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