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Urban Policy and Programmes in India — A People-Centred Performance Review

Year : 2013

Funded By : TISS Research Council
Team : Dr. Lalitha Kamath and Yacoub Zachariah

This project was sponsored by the TISS Research Council. It compiled and reviewed a range of literature on the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) and its allied Sub-Missions in collaboration with other civil society organisations. A National Workshop was held to discuss civil society inputs on the JNNURM with a view to informing future urban development programmes.

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Working Paper Number 4: Impact of JNNURM and UIDSSMT/IHSDP Programmes of Infrastructure and Governance Outcomes in Cities/Towns in India

Researchers: Lalitha Kamath and Yacoub Zachariah

Based on a review of the available official data and a range of existing literature and grey material on the Missions, this paper assessed how the JNNURM and its Sub-Missions have affected infrastructure and governance outcomes in large, medium and small towns across the country.

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Funder: TISS Research Council Year: 2013