A public platform for research, policy and advocacy centred around the urban.

The Tacit Urban Research Network

Year : 2018-2020

Funded By : The Ford Foundation
Team : Centre for Urban Policy and Governance, TISS, Mumbai; Hyderabad Urban Lab, Hyderabad; Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Delhi; Centre for Policy Research, Delhi.

The Tacit Urban Research Network (TURN) works with a shared purpose to study urban informality and the tacit knowledge integral in it from multiple vantage points in the relational geographies of settlement, housing, and economies and at multiple sites, with the eventual goal of incorporating that understanding into knowledge systems that support policymaking.

The project is a collaborative effort between 4 leading institutions: Centre for Policy Research (CPR), TISS, Hyderabad Urban Lab (HUL), and Indian Institute for Human Settlements.

You can read more about the project here.