Masters Thesis 2011-2013

Explicit Study of Implementation Process of Naga Nalla and Nambul River Improvement Project of JNNURM in Imphal City

by V Ezra Zimik
Faculty: Lalitha Kamath

Manipur is one of the smallest states in India where development deficiency has been existing for a long time. The paper attempts to suggest that to bring maximum growth, the state government has to intervene with a good approach. If not, the unfolding of new larger projects in the coming years will be at much greater risk.

Exploring the Emergence and Process of Large Scale ‘Planned’ Residential Developments in Thane (1970-1990)

by Shreyashi Dasgupta
Faculty: Ratoola Kundu

The study is based on two main objectives. First, objective is to examine the trajectories of development for the city of Thane, how it emerged and the forces that shaped the development process. Second, objective is to examine ways in which large-scale residential projects emerged, their dynamics and to understand the actual process on-ground. Both these objectives have specific research questions which were broken down for further clarity.

Growth of Tourism in Leh (Ladakh); Its Impact on the City’s Development and Resources and Strategies by Government for Management and Opportunities for Winter Tourism

by Munnawar Mohd Nawaz
Faculty: Lalitha Kamath

The research attempts to understand the changing pattern of tourism and its impact on Leh (Ladakh) and the strategies by Government for management and opportunities for winter tourism, the role of local government and parastatal for promoting, managing and planning for tourism and to understand perceptions of locals dependent on tourism as source of livelihood or additional source of income regarding key issues and strategies used, particularly in winter

Migration and Identity: A Study of Tangkhul Naga Tribe in Mumbai.

by Mayonza Tungshang
Faculty: Amita Bhide

It is to be believed that the type of migration taking place is a strange as people were no longer want to stay in our own homeland, the reason must be the lacking on the part of the state Government to understand the need and desire of the youth, if not there cannot be widespread of migration taking place in such a manner of nothing to do at back home. So this research tries to understand why Tangkhul Naga migrates, what brings them to Mumbai, their lifestyle here, their narratives of home, how they live here, their relationship to being Tangkhul Naga in city and their relationship with native place.

Assessment of Town Planning Scheme, Vadodara and Analysing its Similarities and Contradictions with the Implimentation of Town Planning Scheme in Bhuj after Earthquake

by Lakhnotra Bhimasi Lakhabhai
Faculty: Ratoola Kundu

The research attempts a review of implementation of town planning scheme in Vadodara and Bhuj, implications of town planning schemes in Vadodara and Bhuj, and compare the degree and nature of participation in the two processes of implementing town planning schemes Vadodara and Bhuj.

Changing Role of State in Housing Provision under the Influence of Neoliberalism: Study of MHADA in Mumbai.

by Ankur Parashar
Faculty: Amita Bhide

The objective of this research is to look at the changing role of state in housing provision under the influence of neoliberalism through looking at the case of MHADA in Mumbai. Through the case of MHADA in Mumbai which is the state’s housing provider in the city I would be looking at the changes in the functioning of MHADA over a period of time in Mumbai and the influence of neoliberalism in forming this change.

Study of Slum Redevelopment (SRD) and Slum Rehabilitation Scheme (SRS) in Thane and Mumbai

by Amol Jayprakash Bhalerao
Faculty: Amita Bhide

In this paper my major area of research is to study how the contextual difference in similar policies can bring out the variation in the outcomes and how it will affect the performance of that polciy. I am looking at two similar policies which are modified forms of slum rehabilitation redevelopment strategy government of Maharashtra existing since 1985. These policies are the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme (SRS) which was implemented in 1995 in Greater Mumbai by MCGM and the Slum Redevelopment Scheme (SRD) implemented by Thane city in Thane Municipal Corporation in 1995